Friday, June 18

The Reality of Farming

He came in the night
masked, like a thief
and his grasping black hands
pulled her out of her sister's warm embrace
We heard her cry, once
and with flashlights we came to find her door wide open
and I caught him in the light, by the cellar door
frozen for one moment, before he disappeared
and then I saw her
in a heap of crumpled feathers
still gasping, but not moving
and I had to finish her myself
with the hedge clippers

and this morning, we heard her sister call to her, over and over
and masses of rust and black feathers swirled over the dead grass and under the trees

and today, I will bury her
under the apple tree
and it would probably make real farmers laugh
to know that I've been crying over a chicken


Meredehuit ♥ said...

Oh, I'll cry with you! I'm so sorry.
Sometimes it's a cruel world.

bs said...

thank you. i'm trying to console myself with the knowledge that we saved the other two, but i still feel very guilty about poor little tony romo!

Lisa said...

Indeed, that's the reality of farming. Our crops or flocks sometimes will be a victim of either by the pests or by human beings.

Lisa from Country Guitar Lessons